Youth Programs

Youth Programs



The Rotary Club of Regency Park supports a wide range of Rotary Youth Programs aimed developing our young people to become our leaders of tomorrow. We recognize the positive benefit this has on the future of our country as well as the wider world at large.

How does it work?

Rotary clubs sponsor young people to participate in various personal development programs aimed at enhancing their skills in a range of areas including, leadership, communication, resilience, self esteem, problem solving, ideals of community service and international understanding and goodwill.  Participants can be of any age, although most programs focus on secondary school students, university students or young adults.

Want to learn more about other programs for your school?

A comprehensive list of Rotary Youth Programs can be downloaded at Rotary Programs for Youth across Australia students or young adults.

Some of the well known and more popular Rotary Youth Programs include:

 RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Award

♦  RYPEN – Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

♦  MUNA – Model United Nations Assembly

♦  RYEA – Rotary Youth Exchange Australia 


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